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1. RETURNING SPRING 2023 BOBA TEAM REGISTRATION:  Registration opens July 20th @ 12:00pm

– Minimum 70% of the original team roster of the previous season to qualify.
– Allowed to have up to 2 new players that are FTLO Members (Boba Member or FTLO Clinic).

(Team of 6 – 4 original players, 2 BOBA Members)
(Team of 7 – 5 original players, 1 BOBA, 1 FTLO Clinic)
(Team of 8 – 6 original players, 2 FTLO Clinic)


2. FTLO MEMBERSHIP TEAM & INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION:  Registration opens July 27th @ 12:00pm 

Minimum 70% of the team has to be of FTLO Membership (Boba Member or FTLO Clinic) to qualify.
– Allowed to have up to 2 new players that are  non-members and public players.


3. PUBLIC TEAM REGISTRATION: Registration opens August 3rd @ 12:00pm

 No restrictions. Any combinations of FTLO members and public players in the team.


Can’t commit to a full season of Boba League? Want to be called up if a team needs a sub? Sign-up here!

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To ensure your registration is complete, a bank E-Transfer must be made upon the program invitation. 


Teams/Individuals can receive a 100% refund if any cancellation is requested no later than 14 calendar days before the league start date. If a cancellation request is made within 14 calendar days before league or event start date, the team/individual will receive 50% of the registration fee refunded. Any refunds made will require a $2.00 administrative banking charge. 

No refund will be issued after the league start date. The league will reach out to teams & individuals on the waitlist to fill the spot.

Participatory Suitability: FTLO reserves the right to decline and/or refund a participant’s registration payment if the participant is deemed not suitable for the playing environment. This will be communicated via a case-by-case matter.