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1. RETURNING SPRING  2024 BOBA TEAM REGISTRATION:  Registration opens July 27th @ 12:00pm

Minimum 70% of the original team roster of the previous season to qualify.
– Allowed to have up to 2 new players that are FTLO Members (FTLO Clinic or Boba League).
– Returning teams are re-invited to the flavour they were participating in the previous season.

(Team of 6 – 4 original players, 2 BOBA)
(Team of 7 – 5 original players, 1 BOBA, 1 FTLO Clinic)


2. FTLO MEMBERSHIP TEAM:  Registration opens August 3rd @ 12:00pm

Minimum 70% of the team has to be of FTLO Membership (Boba Member or FTLO Clinic) to qualify.
– Allowed to have up to 2 new players that are  non-members and public players.

3. PUBLIC TEAM REGISTRATION: Registration opens August 10th @ 12:00pm

 No restrictions. Any combinations of FTLO members and public players in the team.

What is FTLO Membership?
**To be a member, you must have completed a full season of FTLO clinic or Boba League.**
**Players that have only participated in FTLO Open League or Summer Grass Tournament are not eligible for priority registration and will not have received membership status**
**Each Boba League player will possess a Boba Pin as a proof of membership**

If players’ statuses are entered incorrect in the registration application, eligibility maybe effected. FTLO admin staff track and have player participation records. If you have questions about status or eligibility, please contact leagues@ftlovolleyball.c10

Can’t commit to a full season of Boba League? Want to be called up if a team needs a sub? Sign-up here!

What flavour are you?


To ensure your registration is complete, a bank E-Transfer must be made upon the program invitation. 


Teams/Individuals can receive a 100% refund if any cancellation is requested no later than 14 calendar days before the league start date. If a cancellation request is made within 14 calendar days before league or event start date, the team/individual will receive 50% of the registration fee refunded. Any refunds made will require a $2.00 administrative banking charge. 

No refund will be issued after the league start date. The league will reach out to teams & individuals on the waitlist to fill the spot.

Participatory Suitability: FTLO reserves the right to decline and/or refund a participant’s registration payment if the participant is deemed not suitable for the playing environment. This will be communicated via a case-by-case matter.