Boba League

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Boba League is dedicated to providing the FTLO Volleyball Association and its members with an inclusive community league where recreational adult players can apply their clinic training into practice, work in a positive team environment, and formulate meaningful relationships.


Where volleyball is accessible and enjoyable for all adults. Where adults are welcomed to play and learn without judgment, and discover the value of sharing their love and knowledge of volleyball with others. 


Pay It Forward – For the love of the game. Be a professional. Help show, promote, praise how fun the game can be.

Resilience – Learn and take action from your experiences. Improvements take time for everyone.

Respect – Understanding that we want to always be our best, as a player and as a person. Give others the benefit of the doubt in situations. Strive for clear and intentional communication.

Empower – Remind adults how well they are progressing and what is possible “IF” we believe in their success!

Our Philiosopy

  • League times, dates, and locations have to be convenient for players, if we want to provide a quality community volleyball experience. Making the effort to reduce the pressures for players having to hurry to and from home provides a stress-free environment for players to enjoy and be in the moment when participating in league games and social activities.
  • For a community to flourish, a space and time needs to be dedicated to food and drinks which allows people to share life and stories with each other.
  • Every person has the right to be given the opportunity to learn and play volleyball. Doesn’t matter the person’s gender, age, height, athletic ability or skill level.


  • Every player must be respected, valued and dignified as a whole person.
  • Sports is competitive and, at times, the culture overemphasizes the importance of winning over human dignity. There needs to be a counter-cultural attitude of being able to celebrate the sport because it’s an opportunity to be with people and community, and not just because of performance and statistical success alone.
  • New players must be given opportunities if they are to stay in the sport long term. Providing training and a fair playing environment allows players the chance to see the possibilities, build stronger identities and find hope for themselves.
  • Providing patience, encouragement, transparency and self-discovery is the right way to support individuals to strive for excellence. 
  • Poor sportsmanship, gossiping, alienation and aggression are unacceptable forms of behavior as it ruins the positive experience of volleyball for all players. These forms of behavior are not welcomed at the FTLO Volleyball Association.