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The Boba Approach

Boba League is dedicated to providing an inclusive community league where recreational FTLO players can apply their clinic training into practice, work in a positive team environment, and formulate meaningful relationships.

Train & Play

Good Friendships

Tightknit Community

Better Volleyball

1. Provide FTLO clinic students an opportunity to play in leagues to apply their skills and theories.

2. Provide a time and location which is convenient. Have leagues on Sunday afternoon at a gym in the city limits, with access to Skytrain.

3. Provide 2 hours of quality play for players.  Boba league developed 4 different flavours (divisions) to group teams & players with similar skills and development goals.

4. Provide a place to make mistakes. We encourage people to take risks and make mistakes. For that reason, we do not have seedings, standings or playoffs in our community league format. Instead we host a 4 hour season end tournament.

5. Provide quality interactions on the court. We want to be intentional in giving players opportunities to get to know people in the league. Teams are joining flavours (divisions) of 6 teams and each team will play the other 5 teams within their flavour 3 times during the season. This is your sports family for the season. This way players get to know each others increasingly during the league season. 

6. Provide social & food opportunities off the court. By designing the league to finish just at dinner time, we encourage teams to hangout, go for boba tea or dinner together. This is a great way to deepen relationships and community outside of the sports environment.