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Share a Boba on May 12!

Share a boba with a new Boba friend this Spring Season! 

With the sunny season approaching and the league getting into gear, it’s time to break some ice! As always the priority is to have fun, and the best way to do that? Get to know your fellow players over a refreshing beverage! (Boba or otherwise!)

What is BOBA Day?

BOBA Day is dedicated to building friendships by getting to know the other teams we play with. We encourage teams to get together after their games and go share a drink (boba or not!) 

When: Sunday May 12, 2024

Matcha Details:
Pair up with the last team you play with and grab some boba together nearby! See below FAQ for more details. This is a great chance to get to know another team this season! 
Block 1
– Casual Sets + VolleyBoba
– Boba Fury + Block Party
Block 2
– Meet Your Matcha + Chewbloka

– TP + Bobasaur

Oolong and Jasmine Details:

Drop by after your games to hang out and mingle! No booking, stay as long as you want. Open invite to all players! 

Interested? Let us know by March 5th for us to get initial numbers:
Fraser Foreshore park

Grab boba for your team from a nearby boba shop then drop by the park to hang out! Consider bringing a picnic blanket for seating. 

In case it rains: Bubble World New West

( )

601 Agnes St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1G9

Option to order boba and/or dinner together! (No reservation)

Oolong at 5:15pm
Jasmine at 7:15pm


Share Photos & Social Media! 

Send in your photos or videos from BOBA Day HERE and tag us on instagram @ftlovolleyball


Is participation mandatory?

Nope, participation is optional, but we encourage everyone to come out!

What if I can’t make it?

No problem, just let your captain know!

What if my entire team can’t make it?

If an entire team is unable to make it, the team that you’re paired up with can join the other two teams in their block. Your team captain should let the other team captain know, either via the WhatsApp group chat or when you start your games together.

Do we need to coordinate with the other team (Matcha only)?

You can, but you don’t have to! Simply meet up after your last game together and chat about where you want to go.

What if I didn't RSVP?

No worries, initial numbers are helpful for us for planning but you don’t need to RSVP to participate!

What boba options are nearby?

GongCha (open till 10:00 pm)
Tiger Sugar (open till 9:00 pm)
CoCo New Westminster (open till 10:00 pm)
CoCo Burnaby (open till 11:00 pm)
Tealips Café (open till 9:00 pm)
Chatime New Westminster (open till 10:00 pm)
Chatime Burnaby Kingsway (open till 11:00 pm)

What if we don’t want boba?

Feel free to go out for something other than boba! Dinner, snacks, bowling… the world’s your oyster!