Boba League

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Rally ready teams looking for a challenge. These teams are pretty much ready to attend competitive leagues. Equal to gr. 8 to 10 volleyball play. Fast pace matches and harder spikes. 

Restriction: No “AA” Players & Above.  No Post-Secondary Experience. Sorry!

FTLO Skill LEvel: BB+/A - intermediate

Competition Ready: A level adults may have prior high school gr.8-10 competitive volleyball team experiences. They may also have sport-transferable experiences from similar competitive sports. A level should be playing in comp. leagues which involve faster serves, spikes, blocks. Adults may be competing at this level for many seasons.

At this level: Players have assigned positions and can sustain meaningful rallies most of the time while facing some challenges with faster paced attacks; similar to a 15U Tier 1 club team. This is the highest level to reach currently with FTLO programming.

Development: Fine tune individual and team strategies and systems. High volume repetitions with focus on 2 or 3 aspects and strategies.

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