Boba League

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Deeper Friendships

-Going BeyonD Just a Name-

Recreational Adult Community Volleyball League

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Building Connection. Improving Skills. Having Fun.

What Is Boba League?

Boba League is a recreational FTLO community league that operates on a people-centered philosophy. We are committed to providing a quality environment where new and learning volleyball players can build relationships, grow team dynamics, and put what they learned at FTLO clinics into practice. By the time you finish a season with us, our hope is that you are surrounded by good friends and feel more confident when participating in other volleyball events outside of Boba League.

You Are Welcomed Here

We believe that volleyball is a great social sport that can open doors of opportunities for people to meet new friends, grow existing friendships, and have a safe place to destress from the busyness of life. Having a sense of belonging and community is a vital part to people’s mental health. We highly encourage FTLO members to not only have fun on the court, but also outside the court as a way to develop deeper connections. Board game nights, eating out, hiking events, karaoke parties…etc. We want our community to be a place of welcome for you and for anyone new that joins us in the future.